Struggles of Being 16

Weather it be the pressure of doing drugs, drinking, having sex, vaping, smoking, school work, school in general, parents, siblings, uncalled for roasts, grades or money, no matter what, being 16 is hard. I'm here to give you a daily log of what my life being 16 is like. I turned 16 on March 14th, which means I've been 16 positive for about a week and a half now, and it's been pretty easy. I turned 16 the day Spring Break started and have been coasting ever since. I've had to do minimal chores, as I was on a school trip for about a week. I spent my birthday in Ashland, Oregon for the annual Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Well, I spent most of it on a bus, and the rest at a cabaret, seeing a musical rendition of Johnny Cash's life, call Ring of Fire: The Musical of Johnny Cash. I thought the music was fantastic and the actors were amazing, but it didn't have much plot. It would have been superb as a cover band, but there wasn't much to follow for the plot. Anyways, were getting side tracked. I came back from that trip slightly changed and very tired. The whole thing was a blur. I remember a girl sleeping on my shoulder during a modern rendition of 12th Night and a belly flop competition at the hotel pool in which I won. I returned home after 5 days and slept for the rest of the day. I've done very little as a human being this past week, which is to be expected of a 16 year old, but school is staring next week, and I don't have the best grades and I really should be doing something to fix that. Instead, I'm writing about my struggles of being a white, middle class 16 year old male for the internet to read and respond to, (which will be around 90% negative). I should probably get going on some homework and studying. I'll see you guys next time.




Yurbuds Wireless Hybrid Earbuds Review

About 2 months ago I purchased a pair of Yurbuds Hybrid Wireless earbuds for around $20 during a sale at Fry’s Electronics. I am very pleased with their performance. The earbuds connect to your device or computer via Bluetooth. They have a Bluetooth (the hands free talking kind) with another earbud that connects to the bottom of that with a wire and magnets. Its advertised battery life is about 4 ½ hours, but I’ve gotten 6 hours at a time with them at half to 2/3 max volume. My computer doesn’t have Bluetooth on it, so I bought a Bluetooth receiver for around $3, which works fine. It has around a 10 foot Bluetooth connection radius, which isn’t the best, but if you’re using your phone you probably just have it in your pocket. The actual price is $79.99 on, so I got an amazing deal. All in all, they are great earbuds. They get a 4.5/5 just because of price and sometimes the wire will disconnect if you turn your head the wrong way. I highly suggest you buy a pair if you want to or youj have the money to spend. Thanks!




Everything You Need to Know About Apple's September-9 Event

Wait! This article was intended to be release on my school's digital newspaper, so this article may reference school in some way. Anyway, check out on October 3rd and find the link to the news site. Anyway, enjoy the article! 

Apple’s big product event just wrapped up a few weeks ago, but many non-tech enthusiast may not have the full rundown on what happened on the stage that morning, so here’s everything that a student will want to know. First, I want to give a shout out to the venue, the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, this is where Steve Jobs unveiled the Apple ][ way back in the 70s, so Apple was obviously trying big things here.


Apple Watch was the first up, with a Watch-OS 2 demo kicking off the event. Apple announced transit assistance and updated the investors on sales. The French brand Hermès was revealed to be collaborating with Apple with some new bands like the Double Tour, Single Tour (regular), and cuff. Apple is also adding their pink “Rose Gold” and classic “Champagne Gold” options to the Sport model, so you don't have to fork over 10k+ dollars anymore for a golden watch. That was it for Apple Watch, OS 2 is a good upgrade for those who own one already, but don't expect to get a Hermès Watch for Christmas as they cost upwards of one grand.


Next was iPad, my personal favorite part of the keynote. Tim Cook even said Apple had “The biggest news in iPad, since the iPad”. They’re talking about the 12.9 inch iPad Pro (review to come), rumored for months, this professional device is a Macbook sized tablet running iOS and it’s coming in November. There is also an Apple brand keyboard case called the Smart Keyboard with proprietary connector, which looks solid and it doesn't require batteries or bluetooth. Apple’s stylus, the Apple Pencil is an advance stylus with force sensitivity, angle sensitivity, and a thin tip. The iPad mini 4 was also announced, with the same power as the Air 2, in a mini body. So back to the iPad Pro, it’s starting at $800 with 32GB. If you want to max the specs though, the 128+cellular model will cost $1080, closer to a Macbook. It has all the features of the regular iPads, a retina display, 1080p camera, and 10 hour battery. The kicker is in the speakers, there are now four HD speakers that adjust according to the way you hold the device, so supposedly there are no more blocked grilles. That was iPad, good job Apple, But as I type this I realized Steve Jobs said in 2007 who wants a stylus so why are they releasing a stylus.


Now comes the lonely Apple TV, un-updated since 2012, until now. The new Apple TV is more expensive at $150-$200 but comes with it’s perks. The new remote has a glass touch-surface meaning that the arrow keys are gone. But now you can use the touch surface at any angle in apps or games. Now we have to do the search is hold on the Siri button  and tell it what you want to see, which  which has been done before on things like the Roku and Amazon fire TV, the remote is also powered off of lightning so you don't need a proprietary cable or hard-to-find watch battery. The thing about the siri is it will search about everything you have stored on the Apple TV so things like Youtube, Netflix and Hulu can be searched at the same time. Apple is calling its new operating system tvOS, it is heavily based on iOS.


I bet all of you just want to hear about the new iPhone 6s (plus). Physically they look the same unless you take the new rose gold model, which is pink. The iPhone still comes in the original colors of Silver, Champagne Gold, and Space Gray. But now my phone will recognize force, as in hard and soft touches, with a feature carried over from the Apple Watch called 3d touch. For example, you can  hard tap the camera icon and have options to instantly take a photo, switch to video mode, or switch to your front camera. This is also handy in email where you can hard tap an email link and peek at what it says, then when you’re done release your finger and come back to your ever growing inbox. Apple is also made another 64-bit chip called the a9, but they do this every year and do you really notice a speed difference? Mostly it’s for gaming. Now there is a “Hey Siri” function (charging or not) where you can just talk to your iPhone. But imagine trying to go on social media and your friends just keep yelling “Hey Siri”.  The voice is a little updated in iOS9, small change but it will affect some people's lives. Finally there was an upgrade in Apple's cameras no the new iPhone 6s has a 12 megapixel rear facing camera, this means you can also record 4k video. The iPhone’s other new camera is a 5 megapixel front facing (or selfie) camera, iOS9 contributes to this with an ambient color flash which will match the dominant color of your surrounding. Apple has made their regular photos into Harry Potter esque photos with Live Photo, which becomes a short GIF after it has been hard tapped. Unfortunately we still don’t get NFC, quickcharge, or wireless charging. This iPhone is a pretty good update and stays at the same price and it's always been $200 to $500 on contract and around $650/$750 off contract. Now there is the iPhone upgrade program for those who want to stay tech savvy,  it cost $32 or more a month, and includes a new iPhone every year, you get to choose your carrier, and you get an unlocked phone with AppleCare+. It's also available on September 25th so check out my review.

Well that was pretty much it for this September’s event you can watch it on Apple's website or on their podcast of Apple keynotes. If you want to stay updated on news relevant to students like you keep it tuned to (insert student paper name here) and check back daily.

Garry's Mod Review

Garry's Mod. Where do I begin? Let's start with the basics. It's an open sandbox game with extremely messed up physics. It has items from two of Valve's other games; Team Fortress 2 and Half Life 2. You can spawn in items to make a car to dive away from your pimp-tastic crib, or create a weapon of mass destruction. The options are limitless. Want a Bugatti? Download one. Want a new map to play Prop Hunt with your friends? Done. This game has grown in popularity since it's launch in 2006. I know, right? 2006? Insane. This game is played by YouTubers such as Pewdiepie, Vannos, Mr360Games, ClashJTM, and Chandler Riggs. I also enjoy playing this game on my own time. Although my computer is slow, I still love it. 

Allinall, I give it a 5/5

See you guys next time! 


Portal: Still Alive Review.

Hey guys! Tristan here with another review. Today we're going to look at Portal: Still Alive. This game is the first game in the Portal series. In this game you play as Chell, a mute test subject. Not a science test subject, but a SCIENCE test subject. The cool kind of science. Portals. In this game, you run around shooting portals on surfaces and jumping through them to solve interactive puzzles. The goal is to destroy an A.I. hellbent on destroying humanity. I'm not going to spoil much if you haven't played it yet, so here's the scoop. You wake up in a room with a cryosleep pod, toilet, radio, notepad and mug. I suggest picking it up and shattering it in the toilet, just for fun. Next a portal opens and you run around jumping through more. You do this for a while and eventually take on the boss. It's by the same people who made the Left For Dead series, so it has mostly the same bugs. 

Allinall, I'd give it a grand total of 4/5.  

See you guys next time! 


Review of Left for Dead 2

Left for Dead 2 is a game placed sometime in the future, when humanity is forced to band together to fight the apocalypse. What apocalypse? The zombie apocalypse. In this game, you play as one of four survivors; Nick, Ellis, Rochelle and Coach. In this sequel, you play in 5-6 maps, trying to reach each checkpoint, or “safe house.”

This game has many pros and cons. I’ll start with the pros. This game can be run on any computer and Xbox 360. It runs with a solid 40 fps (frames per second) on all. It has game play that will have you wanting more. Its storyline sucks you in and has you begging for a prequel. This game as excellent graphics, considering it was released in 2009.

Now to the cons. This game was only released for PC, Linux, Mac and 360. That means that PS3 users can’t play it. This game has its bugs, too. It has the basic phantom entities to the point where you lag so bad you fall through the world.

I like this game because I grew up playing games like this. I, personally, am a HUGE FPS fan. I love any game where you can hop on to the game and start playing with other people.

 I highly suggest you look into this game if you haven’t already. It will keep you entertained for hours at a time, and (possibly) cure boredom!

Thanks for stopping by!



Gear Up Review

A Review of Gear Up for Windows

                The game Gear Up uses a simplistic graphics system similar to cel shading and has gameplay similar to a faster paced World Of Tanks match. The game has a focus on customizing your tank, starting with three types of cannons a basic rifle, a gatling gun, and a shotgun. Each gun has a sort of tree to unlock new guns like flamethrowers and triple launchers.

          Controls are a little clunky and are as follows, A&D stop and rotate tank , W&D accelerate and decelarate , and finally Lmouse shoots.

Some bots are overpowered with small size and godlike guns that kill a tank in three shots when you take ten. But multiplayer has great balancing and gameplay.


Graphics Style-8



Customizable Freedom-9.5

Total 8.75/10

Review Of Just Cause 2: Multiplayer Edition

A Review of

Just Cause 2: Multiplayer Editon

The single-player game Just Cause 2 was a great experience to play. So when I heard about the multiplayer mod being released for free Steam for owners of the base game I eagerly awaited for its Dec 16th  launch. Once I hopped on I saw there were no Square Enix official servers but a few 1st day servers with about 10-50 players online. I played first on a server with free spawning and it was the regular experience of the chaotic Just Cause experience, but when I arrived at a hotspot on the map the massively multiplayer aspect of the game hit me.

There were tanks everywhere and planes swooping by and raining bullets on the airport. 2 days later I joined a server owned by a faction that I am now a part of called XGA. That server has now grown to be one of the best in the mod, but the highlights of my time playing this addon to JC2 are storming the beaches with my fellow faction to take over an area of the map and road trips but so many players makes for lots of pop-in and lag on most laptops.

Road trips are a fun and peaceful activity where players go for a joyride across the huge map of the island called Panau. Roadtrips are a great way to explore the roads in any vehicle you please, one may take a groupof cars and challenge others for money to take out a bus being guarded by you or your friends. Others may enjoy the speed of racing along the smooth freeways on luxourious motor vehicles

Factions are groups established within the oversized island of Panau that allow for better connections between your friends. Custom factions cruise around the XGA server taking over and securing areas of the map and raiding roadtrips passing through.

Overall the multiplayer mod for JC2 is a great addition to the base game


-Oversized world

-Players tend to be rude

-Texture pop in

+Fun chaos

+Great areas on map

+Various gamemodes